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Stress free, affordable, and easy website design and digital marketing to help you connect with customers.

Web Design and Development Services

You and your business are unique in the marketplace.  We capture the essence of your story and create a clear message that your clients can quickly see and understand. 
It's the Story of You!  From words, layouts, images, fonts, buttons, colors, and placement to the backend metadata, Google judges it all and so do people... Using current best practices we make sure that everything is compliant and that both users and search engines can find you, and when they do... they love what they see!
As a website design and development company,
 each website we design is unique.

- We write and design around the story of you the client.
- We design for the end user, your customer.
- We write and code for search engines, so they can find you.

✔ Mobile Responsive Web Design
✔ Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Websites
✔ Designed to Sell

Digital Marketing Services

Your digital footprint, or online presence, starts with your website but if your goal is to be seen online nationwide or locally, our digital marketing services will put you in the right place at the right time, with everything you need to seal the deal.


Websites designed for today's internet. Designed for both people and search engines.


Put your best foot forward with SEO and reap the benefits of more traffic.

Google My Business / Google Maps

Help your business show up in the local Google Maps search results.

Social Media

Connecting with people and staying active on social media sends signals you are ready to do business.


Word of Mouth is King.  So keeping your reputation in good shape is extremely important for your business.

Why Do I Need A Website Designer and Digital Marketing When I Can Do It All Myself?

It's a great question!  Building a well-rounded online presence that is performing at it's peak performance is like going to a mechanic.  You take your car to the mechanic because he is the expert.  He knows how to make your car run at it's peak performance, and he's got the tools to do it.
Yes, you can build your website yourself on Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, or even Go Daddy and many other sites. And although you can build your own website - it doesn't always mean you should.  Most times the greatest mistake people make when it comes to creating a website or doing their own marketing, is not knowing what they don't know.
Your business's website is the foundation of your online presence and it is important to do it right out of the gate.  Building your own website or having a website built for you in and by itself can be a big waste of time and or money.  Unless it is built to integrate with search engines and your other marketing, you won't get the full value out of it that your business needs.  Having a website built for you that is search engine optimized, responsive, and fast may cost more at the outset, but will bring in more customers and it will continue to work for you for a long long time.

What Is SEO and
Why Should I Care?

Our Two Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Another great question!  Search Engine Optimization is like the gas that you put into your car.  It propels your business and moves it forward, however, you can't add gas to your car just once, it constantly needs to be fed in order for it to keep working effectively.  SEO too, needs to be consistently cultivated and matured, it's a process.
We strive to help our clients build a fully rounded online presence that not only gives you the ability to be seen and connected with clients and customers who are looking for you, but allows you to play on the same field as your biggest competitors.  Best of all, it becomes part of your sales team, even while you sleep, 24/7 your website and SEO along with your social and digital assets can help you make sales and increase your revenue.
Using the tools, knowledge, and experience that we have will put your business right where you want it to be.

About Us

Our team is part creative, part nerd (and we fully embrace both parts).  Really though, at Coastal Website Design we are business minded, technically adept, and have a lot of creative energy.  We enjoy partnering with business owners, entreprenuers, and anyone who could use our expertise. 
Here at Coastal Website Design, our mission is to affect our clients' ability to positively impact those they serve.  Our goal is to increase exposure, profits and gain market share for our clients through well-designed websites, well-planned and well-executed digital strategies, and ppc advertising.
We are passionate about what we do.  We eat, live and breathe websites, SEO, and digital marketing.  We are Grow with Google patners which helps small businesses get the most out of Google. We are also Google My Business / Google Maps experts.
We are dedicated, highly experienced, and knowledgeable and we are on your side.  When you succeed, we succeed!

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